Sunday, 5 June 2011


Its the inevitable deadline sneaking up on us for the computer portfolio hand-in. I have, as like everyone else, have mistakenly took slightly to long modeling my 3D presentation. Now we all have limited time for our rendering of our 3D walk through, which I'm told takes painfully long.
It is although a predicted thing between our group, as to the reason that we are constantly doing this every semester and every year, which is leaving everything to the last minute. but im told i work better under pressure. Although, the bright light at the end of the tunnel is almost in sight in terms of the much needed holidays. Hopefully do an advanced revit course during the break, and do some much needed R&R. I wish all the B-Tech students the best of luck for the up coming portfolios and may no one have a corrupt file or broken usb.....touch wood!!!!! tell Murphy's law to go screw himself!!!!!
here's something to leave a smile on your face and brighten our day a little bit more.

SUIT UP!!!!!!

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