Monday, 6 June 2011

why the chinese grow so fast

our assignment was to research two steel framed structures as well as two concrete framed structures. Although they all had to be relativly new. so my concrete side went on pretty average stuff, although my steel framed structure research lead me to find some pretty awsome new methods to building.
such as the new light weight cold rolled steel framed structures for new multi story systems. as seen here in the picture below

My local concrete framed structure went on about Al stratfords new 'WINTEC' systems and how he used all his new systems in the new addition to the University of Fort Hare!! as seen below

Although my research lead me to new building methods accross to china, and i got to see how what they have been building, and i must say, they can build fast. Here is a video of how they erect a multi story hotel in just 6 days to completion!!!! 6 DAYS!!!

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