Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Boardwalk VS NMMU

Our assignment for Urban, was do a comparison analysis between boardwalk and the university south campus. Of course this meant going around each location taking photographs of interest and relevance......
now tell me the relevance this had in the assignment...hahaha. I found this bikers helmet in the African square at boardwalk. Of course being at boardwalk we all had the urge to go do a slight bit of gambling, how ever we were head down to the task in hand, and ran around boardwalk and campus taking photographs for analysis. 

as seen here i was hard at work in analysing the entrance of boardwalk compared to the universities entrance......

the final result of the task was to find an understanding of different design syntax and better learn the meaning of integration, which i can honestly say i do understand!!!! This assignment made me realize that our university is a beautiful piece of modernist architecture, although it could have been such a vibrant place to be if a few particular things varied through the architects plans. Although, the purpose of the campus is to learn i suppose, and not meant to be a club!!!!
This how ever after a long, full and straight 24hours is the result that myself and dewald  came to hand-in with. It only recieved a 45%, however we have been given a second chance to perfect our project and kill a 70% hopefully, hahaha

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