Monday, 6 June 2011

TIME.....TIME....where has it gone

Time has become so critical to us days before portfolio...!!!
having our portfolio moved back was an absolute miracle to be honest. I honestly don't think a single person in the entire class would have been ready for tomorrow, not a chance in hell. The fact is that we are still modelling our buildings because as pretentious as we are to detail, we are taking to long...i mean it is now only the 7th, well almost and I'm only this far.....
Out of all the years that i have been studying, i honestly don't believe that time has never been more valuable!!! yet, time is so few. Comes down to the old saying "SO MUCH TO DO, SO LITTLE TIME IN WHICH TO DO IT IN". oh well, back to work. let me leave you with my precedent for my structure!!!

GOOD LUCK to everyone, hope you all get finished in time, and pass well.

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