Monday, 9 May 2011

DKD Presentation

So the DKD assignment did not go as well as planned. I am how ever annoyed at the fact, that I worked late hours through a couple of nights to get the assignment ready to present and went through alot of effort to have a pretty O.K presentation, to learn that a few people didnt even bother with a Powerpoint presentation. I mean it was printed as clear as day on the brief, but yet, who am i to comment. I have made and been through even larger mistakes. However I am proud of my curtain walling method i used for my chosen Goven Mbeki Street building. Here is the main example of the curtain walling i had chosen for my building. Known as Urban Art, by 'NED KAHN'. He first experimented with the new parking building of
Brisbane Airport, Australia.

As seen in the posted video that I had downloaded, you can see the significance of the chosen curtain walling known as Water Facades. Ned Kahn believes that water features in an urban context creates peace and a better place to be and socialise. So what this facade does is create an image of ripples in water when a breeze hit the facade. This is caused by thousands of loosely fitted aluminium panels on a aluminium rods which are fixed in C-Channel hot dipped galv steel sections. As seen in the video.

This type of facade is exactly what Goven Mbeki needs to keep the historical feel, yet at the same time, bring a light of contemporary style a modern architecture to the main street of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.
I'm tired of driving down Goven Mbeki to see such a stunning library like we do, to be spoilt by disgusting buildings like the edgars building, or the old checkers building. That is such a culture and history deep street, but yet being wasted. We need to start pumping money into building a legacy for our city and its future, instead of making useless politicians pockets fatter.

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