Friday, 8 April 2011


HALLELUJAH.....that the entire assignment is done and dusted. I cant believe what our lectures have to endure day in and day out from these students. The excuses I've heard and how slow things take to get started, dam....but to be honest, in the end i did enjoy the entire project. It broadened our vision of what life was like for us back then, and what we tried and tested. At least we weren't as bad though. I mean Mr J. Pansegrouw says that some of his students try to get away with sitting in a test and passing off that they write the actually test by handing in there friends test, while mean while they didn't even write one word. then have the nerve to try and fool the lecturer that they had lost his paper....i mean what the hell has become of this establishment that the lectures have to play police!
As they say "TIMES CHANGE"....but ja.
At least my group was good to work with, given that they were slow to start off with, but awesome group of guys, hope they go far!!

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