Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Computer Project

AND IT STARTS.......the sleepless nights that is!
Any one who is involved in this course will know, that if you fall behind slightly with 3D work and everything else, that it equals extreme late nights, almost no sleep and a really unhealthy diet of what ever 24hour food places are open. The craziness that is Architecture!!! We will press on, because that is what we do best, and no one would have made it this far if it wasn't thought that each and every student could not make it to the end!!!
Enough about that, because i just wanted to show my three idea's that I would like to use for my computer project. The project being to do a 3D replica of the image in hand. We are getting slightly pressed for time now, seeing as this new assignment is to be ready in two weeks, HOOOORAAAA!!!!

These two images being my first choice images, seeing as nice subtle lighting and textures and an awesome variations of colours.  

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