Thursday, 24 February 2011

Scooter Advertising

Our first assignment for DKD, is to design and do the working drawings for a mobile, advertisement stand to promote a scooter of our choice at events. So far, i have gone for my usual choice as everyone knows me to choose.....GLASS!!! A decision that i picked on the main point, that people can constantly see the selected scooter. Parked at a shopping centre, on the free way, or when the entire stand is opened out for public to touch and experience the scooter!!! Ill first go for a crit before i post my sketches so that i know they good enough to put up or throw away, hahaha. Although, this is the scooter i have chosen to use, or well actually there are three to choose from, maybe you guys can help me decide.
Who can forget History hey, Vespa....!!
Fold up scooter which can be towed into you're office with you
Front wheel comes out to form a scooter

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